And The Band Played On?

Climate Strike, The Hague, Netherlands, 27 September

Even a few steppenwolves (including me) had overcome their crowd aversion. Good for an estimated over 30.000, above the organizers’ expectation.

Above expectation maybe, but below hope and potential. 30.000 is a low figure even in this small country, where demonstrations have run into the 100.000s.

Most often when it was about money. But a famous anti cruise missile demonstration attracted 400.000 (1981). And an illegal radio station raised 60.000 for its own interest (1973).

If expectations are low, maybe it is better to find different courses of action. Not only the turnout was disappointing, inspiration above all seemed to be lacking. Too many sloppily made banners and silly slogans (Listen to the educated; The climate is more irregular than my period). Speakers with no talent for speaking. And very little music. Musicians (at least in this country) generally seem to be among the least politically engaged.

We need more panic on this Titanic. And also more bands playing on, not to subdue the panic, but to help converting it into inspired action.

WE NEED MORE PANIC ON THIS TITANICStreet Orchestra Eigen Hulp Klimaatstaking Den Haag 27/9/2019 © Lodewijk Muns

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