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About: Beyond the Bony LabyrinthMusic, philosophy of music2023/08/022023-08-02 12:05:00
Over: Voorbij de orenMusic, muziekfilosofie, philosophy of music2023/08/022023-08-02 12:03:07
Music of the Spinning WheelMusic2023/05/052023-05-05 13:12:17
Muziek van het spinnewielMusic2023/05/052023-05-05 13:11:11
Catastrophe! – An OperettaMusic, Society2022/12/222022-12-22 09:48:46
Bach on the PianoAesthetics, Music2022/10/082022-10-08 09:56:17
Elitism, Populism, and Classical Music (2)Aesthetics, Music, philosophy of music, Society2022/01/252022-01-25 12:19:16
Elitism, Populism, and Classical Music (1)Aesthetics, Music, philosophy of music, Society2022/01/142022-01-14 12:55:41
Who’s ‘I’ in Music?Aesthetics, Music, Music and language, philosophy of music2021/12/282021-12-28 13:11:04
The Music that Ate the MovieAesthetics, Music, Music and film2021/12/032021-12-03 09:30:13
Arioso dolenteAesthetics, Music, Music and language, Music psychology, philosophy of music2021/11/182021-11-18 11:20:47
The Themersons’ Europa (1932)Aesthetics, Music, Music and film2021/09/172021-09-17 08:39:43
Music and the Art of Making SpeechesAesthetics, Music, Music and language, Rhetoric2021/08/052021-08-05 11:02:07
The Fiction AddictionAesthetics, Music, Philosophy2021/05/192021-05-19 14:15:55
That Mesmerizing Mendelssohn TuneMusic, music and memory2021/01/172021-01-17 11:33:56
Rhythm for the Ears and for the EyesAesthetics, Music, Music and film, Music psychology2020/12/232020-12-23 16:43:21
The Fine Art of Mickey-MousingAesthetics, Music, Music and film2020/12/062020-12-06 13:24:10
The Acousmatic ExperienceAesthetics, Music, Music and film2020/11/192020-11-19 15:18:22
The Archaic EarAesthetics, Music, Music and film2020/11/092020-11-09 11:55:05
Earworm Science and Something StupidAesthetics, Music, music and memory, Music psychology2020/05/302020-05-30 10:41:41
Melancholy, Memory, and Music (2)Music, music and memory2020/04/302020-04-30 07:33:59
Melancholy, Memory, and Music (1)Aesthetics, Music, music and memory2020/04/102020-04-10 13:10:22
Music Remembered – in Music (3)Aesthetics, Music, music and memory, philosophy of music2020/03/202020-03-20 14:25:36
Beware! – “Scare Quotes”Philosophy, Society2020/02/032020-02-03 16:33:44
Music in Times of Global DisasterMusic, Society2020/01/222020-01-22 12:18:24
Music Plus WordsAesthetics, Music, Music and language2020/01/042020-01-04 11:35:08
Music Minus WordsAesthetics, Music, Music and language2019/12/242019-12-24 15:35:04
The Sound of the RainbowAesthetics, Music2019/12/012019-12-01 15:48:36
Musical Quotation MarksMusic, Music and language2019/11/252019-11-25 09:34:09
Music Remembered – in Music (2)Music, music and memory2019/11/182019-11-18 20:53:59
Music Remembered – in Music (1)Music, music and memory2019/11/142019-11-14 12:56:46
Why Music Is Not a Language…Music, Music and language, philosophy of music2019/10/142019-10-14 09:19:51
And The Band Played On?Society2019/09/282019-09-28 11:00:27
When Composers Stopped DancingAesthetics, Music2019/07/252019-07-25 11:21:26
What Made Alice Swoon?Philosophy2019/06/162019-06-16 09:54:12
Art, Aesthetics, and Origins (2)Aesthetics, Art, Philosophy2019/04/012019-04-01 16:47:02
Playmobil BachMusic2019/03/222019-03-22 19:08:39
What is Beauty? (Does It Matter?)Aesthetics2019/03/012019-03-01 20:44:07
Art, Aesthetics, and OriginsAesthetics, Art, Music and language, Music Origins2018/11/192018-11-19 14:54:49
Crossing the Bridge to NowhereHiking, The landscape and the road2018/10/082018-10-08 19:05:01
The Ancient Song of Reptiles (2)Music Origins2018/08/012018-08-01 17:34:15
The Ancient Song of ReptilesMusic and language, Music Origins2018/07/172018-07-17 13:08:57
De zingende dinosaurusMusic and language, Music Origins2018/07/172018-07-17 12:50:35
God’s Voice and Its DummiesAesthetics, Music, Rhetoric, Society2018/06/172018-06-17 14:27:07
Richard Wagner’s RageAesthetics, Music, Rhetoric, Society2018/06/132018-06-13 08:09:46
That Wild Waltz of Von Weber’sMusic, music and memory, Music psychology2018/05/072018-05-07 21:22:53
Darling, They’re Playing Our Tune (DTPOT)Music, music and memory, Music psychology2018/04/162018-04-16 15:27:43
Monumentale ergernisAesthetics2018/01/262018-01-26 11:43:14
The Language of Gesture and the Moving ImagePhilosophy2017/12/272017-12-27 11:15:49
Filosofie van de kokermastAesthetics2017/12/222017-12-22 09:02:21
Of Poles and PylonsAesthetics2017/12/222017-12-22 08:59:00
When Will It Come, This Lovely Now !Music, Scholarship2017/12/132017-12-13 14:52:18
Het Belletje Des VaderlandsMusic, Society2017/12/022017-12-02 15:59:13
Please Hold the Line…Music, Society2017/12/012017-12-01 12:10:04
De Raad voor Cultuur, of: de Grote Nivellering?Music, Society2017/11/252017-11-25 21:16:55
The Dutch Culture Council, or: The Great Levelling?Music, Society2017/11/252017-11-25 21:14:00
Musical ThoughtsMusic2017/11/182017-11-18 17:31:16
Ringtones and the Limits of MusicMusic, philosophy of music2017/11/072017-11-07 16:45:23
Pulp Fiction, Politics, and a Whiff of RachmaninoffAesthetics, Music, Society2017/09/212017-09-21 19:52:06
On and Off the Arctic Circle Trail (2)Hiking2017/09/122017-09-12 19:15:27
On and Off the Arctic Circle Trail (1)Hiking, The landscape and the road2017/09/122017-09-12 14:23:46
The Art of the Branded SelfAesthetics, Art, Society2017/08/032017-08-03 17:22:00
The Bad, the Ugly, and the ShamelessSociety2017/05/082017-05-08 20:35:27
The Road and the Landscape (2)Society, The landscape and the road2017/03/212017-03-21 20:03:39
Elections, Muddleheadedness and MusicMusic, Society2017/03/202017-03-20 14:29:53
*)Scholarship2017/02/232017-02-23 14:08:13
Doggy SentimentsAesthetics, Hiking2017/01/042017-01-04 14:22:28
The Road Seen from the LandscapeSociety, The landscape and the road2016/12/282016-12-28 09:15:49
Waking up into a NightmareSociety2016/11/102016-11-10 11:14:53
Eleven NineSociety2016/11/092016-11-09 09:05:36
Reverend Father Adam, Whence Didst Thou Get Music?Music and language, Music Origins, Philosophy2016/09/052016-09-05 08:02:57
The Wötzel PuzzleScholarship2016/08/222016-08-22 15:13:59
Seckendorff, alias PealeMusic2016/08/212016-08-21 16:10:10
Whose mine?Philosophy, Society2016/07/152016-07-15 11:37:19
On to Cape Wrath (4)Hiking2016/05/222016-05-22 20:09:40
On to Cape Wrath (3)Hiking2016/05/222016-05-22 20:07:24
On to Cape Wrath (2)Hiking2016/05/202016-05-20 21:22:23
On to Cape Wrath (1)Hiking2016/05/202016-05-20 15:01:28
Four Funerals and No WeddingMusic2016/03/252016-03-25 21:01:05
Shapes Moved With SoundMusic2015/09/022015-09-02 10:45:38
On Wings and Wooden ShoesMusic2015/06/182015-06-18 21:14:30
Duck Family ValuesAesthetics2015/06/022015-06-02 11:40:04
A Hermaphrodite VirginAesthetics2015/05/172015-05-17 21:33:55
The Monkey CorpusSociety2015/04/142015-04-14 17:32:11
Ah!Music2015/04/042015-04-04 20:35:16
Measured MaliceMusic2015/04/012015-04-01 10:02:15
Animated WallpaperMusic2014/10/222014-10-22 13:52:08
The Zigzag ExperienceHiking2014/09/262014-09-26 20:52:29
675,000Society2014/09/252014-09-25 10:08:20
Spoiled Landscapes (2)Hiking2014/09/192014-09-19 17:40:34
Thoughts on SelvesPhilosophy2014/07/132014-07-13 14:58:25
StrandedUncategorized2014/07/012014-07-01 23:25:54
Spoiled Landscapes (1)Hiking2014/06/182014-06-18 10:35:55
Debt’s DepthsSociety2014/02/072014-02-07 12:35:43
FlawsMusic2013/10/212013-10-21 12:42:25
Economic EntropySociety2013/10/102013-10-10 12:45:43
EntanglementMusic2012/11/122012-11-12 12:49:08
Connection JunkiesSociety2012/05/122012-05-12 12:52:18
Subjective Speed BoostingSociety2012/05/122012-05-12 12:50:35

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