Explorations in Music History

Lectures for those who want to deepen their understanding of music and cultural history 

Explorations in Music History is a developing series of lectures about music and movement, opera and multimedia,
modernity and modernism, how “evil” music can be, and other scorching topics.

A provisional selection includes the following:

  • Music and literature
  • Music and the visual arts
  • Sounds from the city and from the countryside
  • Song, speech and gesture: on the recitative in opera and instrumental music
  • Folksong, art song and popsong
  • “Absolute music” and “programme music”
  • Virtuosity: the devil’s art?
  • Modernity and modernism
  • How “evil” can music be?
  • Musical memories
  • The shivers! … Life and works of the tremolo

Courses or individual lectures may be organized on request.