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Duetto a distanza, for two pianos in separate rooms (2022) (1’55”)

In the room with piano 1
In the room with piano 2

Karijns Carrousel, for barrel organ and birds (2021) (1’39”)

Klimaatalarm. A thirty seconds alarm for the “climate alarm” action prior to the Dutch parliamentary elections, March 2021

Europa. Music for the Silent Film (1932) by Stefan and Franciszka Themerson
Commissioned by Jasia Reichardt/Themerson Estate (2020). Premiere: BFI London Film Festival 2021

Pedrillo Botón: Five pieces, for piano, four hands (2011), after the chamber opera

Professor Camel‘s Song (1’11”)
The Shopkeeper‘s Mad Dance – Crossing the Border (3’28”)
Captain Metapherein‘s Sad Story of the Sea and Shipwreck (4’19”)
Interlude: Entering the Forest (3’12”)
Interlude, followed by Mr Wolf‘s Dinner (5’22”)

Lucem saluto, for carillon (2010) (7’39”)

Pedrillo Botón, Chamber Opera for Children and Adults, after Stefan Themerson (2009)

Put This on the Stand, for clarinet trio, string quartet and bass tuba (with speaking chorus ad lib.) (2007)

Tla cuel eh: Incantation for planting maguey, in Nahuatl (2006)
(Spells & Incantations, for mezzo soprano and piano)

Een sneetje leven (A  Slice of Life), Musical (2005)

18 Canciones Mexicanas, arranged for voice and piano (2004-05)

Iseosis kai diseos afriukkekmaruk: Spell to obtain a good singing voice,
in ancient Koptic (2004) (Spells & Incantations, for mezzo soprano and piano)

As I Said, Said I: A Logico-Lyrical Farce for Six Solo Voices (1999)

Who’s I? (Wessen Egg?), for two voices, puppets and instruments (1997/2005)