That Wild Waltz of Von Weber’s

Beyond the Bony Labyrinth
Beyond the Bony Labyrinth
That Wild Waltz of Von Weber's

Involuntary Encounters with an Obstinate Tune

Topic: memory. The tune known as ‘Weber’s last musical thought’ is not by Carl Maria von Weber, but it is nevertheless an interesting piece of cultural history. With forays into the works of Kierkegaard, E.A. Poe, Debussy, and a rendition of Erik Satie’s Avant-dernière pensée no. 2.

Text quotations:
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Musical quotations:
C.M. von Weber, Aufforderung zum Tanz. Piano* (digitally reconstructed Conrad Graf, 1826)
C.G. Reissiger, Danses brillantes op. 26 no. 5. Piano* (digitally reconstructed Conrad Graf, 1826)* (also: barrel organ, harp)
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E. Satie, Avant-dernières pensées, nr. 2, Aubade. Piano* (with recitation)
*Piano: Lodewijk Muns, unless otherwise specified.

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