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Creating a Classical Music Podcast

Listen to the audio version. With piano music by Lodewijk Muns.

For a number of years, I have been posting blog essays on this website – the oldest on a musical topic dates back to 2014. Often, and increasingly, these turned out too long and too academic for the blog format, not to mention the standards of SEO and readability that harass the internet writer. Unfriendly, sad and angry emojis have been my companions all the way. They don’t like to approach a subject indirectly. I do.


It seems time for me to experiment with another medium, that of the now immensely (and, to me, somewhat incomprehensibly) popular podcast. The spoken format does not offer a simple solution to the problem of addressing the scholarly and philosophical aspects of the subject in a non-academic way. But it does allow for more direct and personal communication, and a closer connection between the text and the subject, music.

The series should run for about two years, with some 26 episodes or more. To get used to the medium, I have started in my native Dutch and postponed creating an English version. The Dutch title, Voorbij de oren, doesn’t translate literally into English, and the alternative I have chosen for now, Beyond the Bony Labyrinth, is perhaps a bit too enigmatic. But at least it has a good rhythm – and alliteration, always a bonus in the publishing world.

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