Subjective Speed Boosting

Nieuw-Amelisweerd, Utrecht, Netherlands © Lodewijk Muns 2014
Nieuw-Amelisweerd, Utrecht, Netherlands

Speed limit increase, contrary to earlier agreements (A2), and broadening of a road at the cost of yet another precious piece of natural reserve (Amelisweerd near Utrecht, A27): recent feats of the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment (alias conservation and destruction, with emphasis on the latter).

Traffic congestion is solved simply and automatically by covering more of this little country with asphalt. Until we can career about at 130 km/h or faster, without all this inconvenient greenery.

Who drives faster steers less securely. Therefore highways have to be broader. You could drive slower of course, and have narrower roads.

But Jack wants to drive fast, because Jack is in a hurry.

What should we do about this hastiness?

Fast is what feels fast. Important is not whether Jack arrives three minutes earlier, but whether he has the sensation of going there at high speed. Advice to the next Minister of Preservation and Destruction: measures to increase subjective speed.

A rattletrap, with high revs at 80 km/h, feels faster than a Jaguar whizzing at 160. But the constant improvement of automobiles has made one loose all sense of speed.

We don’t want rattletraps on the road. Therefore all high class cars should be supplied with the new Subjective Speed Booster SSB®. Thanks to the smart adjustments of this contraption (amplified motor sound within, increased vibration, adjusted steering sensitivity etc.), Jack’s adrenaline level will be soaring even at 80.